Occupational Fields

The Biologenkompass is your specialist, practice-oriented and detailed guide on potential professions for biologists. The Biologenkompass is mainly aimed at students and doctoral candidates in biology and related disciplines. Biologists who are looking for a job and have professional experience are also able to find valuable information here to help them plan their careers.

Where does the information come from?

The basis of the Biologenkompass are interviews with biologists who have already successfully started their careers. They tell us about their day-to-day work and their entry into the profession. We try our best to transparently and realistically present this information. So you can get an idea of the job profiles and use the articles as realistic assistance in job-related decision-making.

What is important to us?

We pay special attention to job-related and qualifying characteristics and key competencies that are required for the respective occupation. We link these characteristics with specific examples in the context of the job description. As a result, they do not appear as empty words, but rather receive tangible meanings. In addition, we will show you precise requirement profiles as well as important entry and qualification opportunities for the respective job. In addition to tips and tricks for starting your career, these offer you a well-rounded picture for a successful start in the respective job.

Overall, the contributions give you a well-founded picture of the professional and occupational landscape for biologists, especially outside of the classic university career. The Biologenkompass can serve as a motivational aid for your studies and your further career, but it can also help you set your priorities. You can use it like a compass for your professional orientation.